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four days plus discounts

16 Apr

The Made by Hand show is only four days away! And, I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. I have some tweaking to do with my display and of course there’s always more sewing to do – but, what else is new!? Here are a couple new things I’ll be selling! They’re my classic lined totes and new sunglasses cases with my own screen printed textiles.


In anticipation of my future screen printing endeavours I’m going to be offering many items at super fun discounted prices starting at the Made by Hand show this coming Saturday from 11-5 at the International Centre. I want to clear a lot of my product so I can start this new chapter of Anna Sophia Designs fresh! Come say “hi” and check out the deals.


did hell freeze over?

11 Apr

No. But, it has  here in Toronto. It’s freezing raining – in April. Poo.

What is as remarkable as hell freezing over is that I’m posting twice in one day! Oh my!

I thought I’d share what I was up to this past weekend as my wonderful husband took charge of looking after the little guy. This gave me the chance to sew, sew, sew. Below you’ll see pictures of sunglasses/eyeglass pouches, dog bandanas and a small army of super bunny loveys! I can’t wait to share them with you at the Made by Hand Show on April 20th! So soon!

image image image

long time coming

11 Apr


I just completed my repeat screen printing course yesterday and these textiles are the fruits of my labour. This is just the start people! My brain is bursting with ideas.

I can’t wait to sew what I’ve got right now into totes – I printed onto a super sturdy canvas.

It had been a while since I screen printed anything; it’s a lesson in trial and error that’s for sure! But, the process is so much fun. It’s definitely one of more favourite forms of art and craft.

As I always say “stay tuned for more!”

shake, rattle & roll

2 Mar

I’ve just ordered some rattle inserts for soft toys! I can’t wait to use them in my new carrot rattles for my Super Lovey bunnies! Not to mention bones, honey pots and balls of yarn for my upcoming Super Lovey puppies, kittens and cubs.

Stay tuned.

allow myself to introduce my…self

23 Feb


Welcome! to the newest members of the family – the Super Loveys!
These little guys are little stuffed bunnies with capes! And a pocket! And we can’t forget a tail!

I came up with the idea for the lovey/stuffy because I’ve got a little boy, but didn’t know what he’d like more – a blanket or a soft toy. I had a stuffed puppy named Fifi when I was little and my brother had a blanket. So, my solution to the self imposed conundrum was to create both in one!

And, so, the Super Lovey was born. They’re $25 ea. If you’re interested email me… I’ll be posting them on etsy on Monday when I ask my local postmaster how much it will cost to ship these little guys. ….I’ve also got a cat, dog and teddy in the works. Stay tuned!


little guy seems to like it

19 Feb


It seems I only like doing things half way right now;) Because, here’s another mock up; this time it’s a bunny stuffy.

I’m going to add some appliqué and a couple other touches. I’m super excited about this one, I think I’ll finish her up when the little guy is in bed tonight.

Fun fun!!


why back packs all of a sudden?

18 Feb


Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve started working on. They’re backpacks. For some reason I’m all about them. Maybe it’s the challenge; something different I suppose.

I’ve made VERY ROUGH mock ups, one a simple box and another – which I’m kinda excited about- a house. The house is in anticipation of my screen printing adventures!

I hope you like them!

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