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i’m so excited to start screen printing

15 Feb

20130215-195434.jpgI made this screen of the frenchies a year and a half ago and am FINALLY using it! I’m so excited to finally start screen printing again. It’s been years!

I’ll be working on more designs and screens over the next few months. I can’t wait to share them as I go.

If you’re interested in buying the frenchie tote, message me on facebook. I’ll be listing it in my etsy shop shortly. I was too excited to take etsy calibre photos – I had to share asap!


bags, bags, bags

27 Jan

Here are some bags I’ve been working on. Some Signature heart tote bags, I’m going to make a few more. And, a diaper bag I made about a month ago. I love the exterior, but, I’ve got to fiddle around with the interior a bit. I’ve included a key fob and stroller clips, and there’s a gazillion pockets inside …. maybe too many?





bunting fun!

9 Jan


Trying out something new. Appliqué is so much fun!

come on out and play!

6 Nov

Tis the season for craft shows! I’ll be taking part in my very first one ever this coming Saturday, November 10! It’s called the Hometown Craft Fair.  Then, I’ll be participating in my second ever craft sale on Saturday, December 15! This one is called Gift of my Hands, it’s at the Sorauren Fieldhouse at 50 Wabash Ave. Toronto, Ontario from 11-6pm.

I’ll be selling tote bags, cushion covers, drool bibs and toy and pacifier tethers. As well as a new little plush doll I’m working on, plus whatever more I might be able to make!!

Check out my facebook page for more details.

let’s do more!

8 Sep

It’s been busy here around the house. But, I did manage to add more listings to Etsy the other day. And, man oh man it felt good! By just  listing the stuff has motivated me to do more and add more. …now to just find the time….



31 Aug

Here are some photos of what I’ve been working on.

After a wonderful vacation cottaging I’ve been busy sewing a few things like totes, bibs and pacifier clips in between caring for my teething baby! I’ll be taking better photos for Etsy shortly.

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