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it’s been a while and i miss you

6 Sep

IMG_3550I’ve been busy working on a few things including this little darling. She’s already 8 months old!! It’s been a whirlwind but I think I’ve got my bearings which means I can think of other things like sewing and screen printing!!!

What little Evie is holding on to in the photo are little rattles that I’ve sewn up. They’re hand printed and sewn by me out of unbleached cotton, soft flannelette and black corduroy for some interesting texture.

I’m going to be adding to this website as well as to my etsy shop bibs & pacifier tethers for babies and also an assortment of screen printed bags and totes & cushion covers in the next little while. So stayed tuned for more. …I’m VERY excited to finally have this part of my life up and running again!

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