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taking a break

16 Oct

already!? No, not really. I’m just taking a bit of time to do some seasonal sewing for IKEA! It’s nice to stay in the loop at the store since I worked there for almost 10 years! Plus, it’s nice to have the chunk of change just before the Christmas holidays – if I may be so frank.

IMG_4487I absolutely love their textiles so it’s a nice treat to do some simple albeit large scale sewing. It was working with those textiles that got me back into sewing and on this adventure after all. That being said I can’t wait to start back up on my own stuff. Over the past couple of weeks and in between taking care of kids I’ve made a couple screens to start printing with. I may even take a break from my break and print a couple things tonight. We’ll see.

See you soon!!

the results are in….

9 Sep

And I’m not too sure about it. It was definitely a learning experience, that’s for sure. What I learned was that I don’t need to let the fabric sit for 24 hours. Man did the dyes ever saturate. I also applied the dye directly, as opposed to immersing it so, I’m sure that’ll make a difference when I do it again. That and the black looks like green – not what I was going for. IMG_3621

More experimentation is definitely needed and I’m not discouraged. The samples that I did still turned out pretty cool so, I’ll sew those into something. What’s next in this department is to play with making my own natural dyes as well as playing with how long to let the stuff soak.  I can see it all coming together in my head, it’s just getting there will be there interesting part – not to mention messy!!!

Oh, and my hands aren’t blue anymore!



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