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long time coming

11 Apr


I just completed my repeat screen printing course yesterday and these textiles are the fruits of my labour. This is just the start people! My brain is bursting with ideas.

I can’t wait to sew what I’ve got right now into totes – I printed onto a super sturdy canvas.

It had been a while since I screen printed anything; it’s a lesson in trial and error that’s for sure! But, the process is so much fun. It’s definitely one of more favourite forms of art and craft.

As I always say “stay tuned for more!”


i’m so excited to start screen printing

15 Feb

20130215-195434.jpgI made this screen of the frenchies a year and a half ago and am FINALLY using it! I’m so excited to finally start screen printing again. It’s been years!

I’ll be working on more designs and screens over the next few months. I can’t wait to share them as I go.

If you’re interested in buying the frenchie tote, message me on facebook. I’ll be listing it in my etsy shop shortly. I was too excited to take etsy calibre photos – I had to share asap!

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