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it was a productive nap time. with a bit of nostalgic inspiration from my mum.

11 Sep

We’ve been lucky enough lately to be in a bit of a nice routine at home. Evie goes down for her morning nap and James relaxes with a snack and a show while I sew. I like this.

IMG_3653Today’s nap was a productive one, I made a bandana bib and a zippered pouch out of the tie dyed fabric from the other day. It was a good opportunity to test out a different size of pouch as I haven’t settled on sizes yet. I do know however, that I’ll be selling a small one and a big one! I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out.

And, on a slightly different note. I’m here at my mum’s house and she went into her basement of treasures and brought up some old art and design books. These bring back memories for me. I would refer to them when doing school projects. I opened one up called “Hands-On Design” and this is what I saw:

IMG_3666A super cool example of DIY button making. This kid LOVES DIY button making!! Thing is though, you’d see this guy on Queen St. today and he’d be the coolest person around.


IMG_3670Then I turned the page and I just had to share this Josef Albers designed alphabet. I really love the simplicity of the shapes (only 10 used in the whole thing). I’m a fan of the colours too.

My mum has always got something interesting to find in that deep dark basement of hers.


the results are in….

9 Sep

And I’m not too sure about it. It was definitely a learning experience, that’s for sure. What I learned was that I don’t need to let the fabric sit for 24 hours. Man did the dyes ever saturate. I also applied the dye directly, as opposed to immersing it so, I’m sure that’ll make a difference when I do it again. That and the black looks like green – not what I was going for. IMG_3621

More experimentation is definitely needed and I’m not discouraged. The samples that I did still turned out pretty cool so, I’ll sew those into something. What’s next in this department is to play with making my own natural dyes as well as playing with how long to let the stuff soak.  I can see it all coming together in my head, it’s just getting there will be there interesting part – not to mention messy!!!

Oh, and my hands aren’t blue anymore!



i got excited

8 Sep

I got excited because I’m experimenting with tie dying and I wanted to dive in and didn’t put gloves on so now I have blue hands. which is fine. Just don’t call me a smurf…

This’ll be interesting because I have zero experience with this. Could be a bust, but fingers are crossed. Results to follow tomorrow.

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