little guy seems to like it

19 Feb


It seems I only like doing things half way right now;) Because, here’s another mock up; this time it’s a bunny stuffy.

I’m going to add some appliqué and a couple other touches. I’m super excited about this one, I think I’ll finish her up when the little guy is in bed tonight.

Fun fun!!


why back packs all of a sudden?

18 Feb


Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve started working on. They’re backpacks. For some reason I’m all about them. Maybe it’s the challenge; something different I suppose.

I’ve made VERY ROUGH mock ups, one a simple box and another – which I’m kinda excited about- a house. The house is in anticipation of my screen printing adventures!

I hope you like them!


bunting fun!

9 Jan


Trying out something new. Appliqué is so much fun!

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